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Guten Tag! If you are already enrolled in one of my courses, you should check our Canvas page for all information you need to start the course. All courses use the Saddleback Canvas system for all of the important information you need, such as explanatory videos, textbook information, assignments and many other things. Make sure to log in to Canvas in order to start your work for the course!

If you haven't enrolled yet — would you like more information about German 1 Online? I encourage all interested students to enroll, but before you do, please watch the video below or click to view the video on Youtube!

Further Information about German 1 Online can be found in the course syllabus at this link: German 1 Online Syllabus

If you're interested in learning about German Culture and Civilizationwithout needing to speak or read any German at all — you may wish to know more about German 21, our "Introduction to German Culture" course that fulfills a humanities requirement. You can view the syllabus for that course here: German 21 Culture Course Syllabus. You can also watch an introductory video for the German 21 culture course on YouTube.

About me: I have been teaching German since 1996, first at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and later at Palomar College, MiraCosta College and Saddleback College as well as private language courses.  I have also studied, taught and lived several years in Germany: in Marburg (Hesse), in Bad Kissingen (Bavaria), and in the village of Hagenow in Mecklenburg.  Along the way, in addition to my German fluency, I learned some French and some Finnish, and married my husband from Finland.

I was raised in California and earned my Bachelor of Arts in German from Pomona College.  I then lived and worked in Germany, and returned to the USA to earn my Master of Arts in German from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  While teaching in Wisconsin, I completed the coursework for my Ph.D. in German Literature, but my love of teaching the German language more than literature studies led me to relocate to California and teach at community colleges here.  I absolutely love teaching community college students, who are some of the hardest workers I have ever met!  I look forward to our course together and hope you will enjoy learning German together with me!

You can reach me by email at or  Email is preferred, but you can also leave a voicemail on my cell phone number above.  Good luck and I hope to see you in class!