Spring 2020 Book Selection

Educated: A Memoir
by Tara Westover

This inspiring memoir is the story of a young woman who, kept out of school during childhood, finally summons the courage to leave her survivalist family to pursue a formal education, resulting in the attainment of a PhD from Cambridge University. While her quest for knowledge took her far away from her isolated upbringing and transformed her in fundamental ways, it also enabled her to reflect upon her past with wisdom and compassion. This book is not only the story of a remarkable life but also, as Amy Chua stated in The New York Times Book Review, a “beautiful testament to the power of education to open eyes and change lives.”

We're excited to enrich this year's campus-wide focus on equity with the reading of Educated: A Memoir. As Westover progresses in her education, some experiences leave her feeling disenfranchised, while others instill confidence and inspire her to reach her potential. This story reveals that when educators believe in their students, those students are more empowered to succeed.


Listen to Westover Discuss What It Means to Be "Educated"