Spring 2019 Book Selection

Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction
by David Sheff

Sheff’s story is a first: a teenager’s addiction from the parent’s point of view—a real-time chronicle of the shocking descent into substance abuse and the gradual emergence into hope. Before meth, Sheff’s son Nic was a varsity athlete, honor student, and award-winning journalist. After meth, he was a trembling wraith who stole money from his eight-year-old brother and lived on the streets. 

At its heart Beautiful Boy is an amazingly honest and exquisitely written account of a family’s torturous journey through addiction. It raises questions that reflect the fears of every parent: Where does one’s responsibility to a loved one end? How—and when—should a parent know whether his or her child is substance abusing? And how does a family recover from the wounds afflicted by addiction and get on with their lives? David Sheff has written a powerful and moving family portrait that will resonate soundly with all readers and is sure to become a classic.

A photo of the author, David Sheff, with his son Nic
David and Nic Sheff
©Bart Nagel, New York Times

Praise for Beautiful Boy

“This is a brilliant, harrowing, heart-breaking, fascinating book, full of beautiful moments and hard-fought wisdom. It's going to save a lot of lives, and help heal a lot of hearts. I absolutely could not put it down: I read it straight through in two nights.” - Anne Lamott

“My generation experimented with drugs and, now that we are parents, we’re caught off guard. We never contemplated having to face what David Sheff has faced. He writes with candor, courage, and grace his family’s harrowing – and sadly not atypical – story. Beautiful Boy is an important book. It is moving, timely, and sobering. It’s also startlingly beautiful.” – Sir Richard Branson

“Those of us who love an addict--or are addicts ourselves–will find BEAUTIFUL BOY a revelation. David Sheff knows all too well what must be endured with faith, and his extraordinary book describes it better than anything else I’ve read. While painfully candid, BEAUTIFUL BOY is equally optimistic and powerful.” – Martin Sheen