Online Education Quiz

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Successful Online Student?
This survey is based on a 12 week, 3 unit class. Eight-week classes require more time per week.

Check the statement that best describes you and your study habits, then click on "Calculate Score" below.

I might have access to a computer a few times a week, but many times I do not.

I have used email, web browsers, and word processing software, but I get frustrated when things don't work the way they should. I am uncomfortable learning to navigate new technology.

I can work independently in some situations, but I prefer to be in a classroom setting.

I know that course requirements and due dates are there for good reasons, but I feel that exceptions should be made if I get behind on my work.

I am self motivated and organized. As an independent learner, I can keep up with the class material and assignments by the course deadlines.

I regularly have 10 - 15 hours per week to commit to a class.

Within the flexibility of my work day, I can take responsibility for completing assignments on time.

I realize that the course work of an online class is equal to or greater than that of a regular on-campus course.

I can budget my time well and prioritize activities efficiently.

I do not enjoy reading and have a hard time expressing myself in writing.

I plan to schedule my online course work around my other activities, allowing for 10 - 15 hours per week for the class.

I want to take online classes because there is probably less work to do than in a regular class.

I am willing to take responsibility for getting whatever help I may need with this course by contacting my instructor.

I am a good reader and I can express my thoughts through written communication.

I realize that course requirements and due dates are there for good reasons, and I feel I can structure my time effectively to meet them.

I prefer to have regular face-to-face interaction with my instructor.

Class discussions are not very useful to me. I don't usually participate in class discussions.

I realize that my instructor may not be available to return my voice or email messages the same day I leave them.

Success Indicated for Distance Learning.

Typical Unsuccessful Distance Learning Candidate.