BSI Projects

BSI Projects for 2018-2019

Approved projects and project coordinators.

BSI Projects for 2018-2019 Project Coordinator(s)
 AHE Practicum  Tina Jenkins, Peter Murray
 Basic Skills Tutoring  Kim d'Arcy, Marina Aminy
 Community of Practice, Mathematics  Frank Gonzalez, Sumaya McCleave
 CPR Retreat  Catherine Hayter, Sumaya McCleave
 Document Cameras for English Composition  Carrie Goulding
 Embedded Tutoring for Basic Skill Math  Kim d'Arcy
 English PLC  Jessica Budica, Dawn Lewis
Spring Conference Marina Aminy, Michael Hoggatt



BSI Projects for 2017-2018

Approved projects and project coordinators.

BSI Projects for 2017-2018

Project Coordinator(s)

AHE (Avid for Higher Education) Practicum

Tina Jenkins

English 390 Workshops/Training

Carrie Goulding

Basic Skills Summit/Conference

Carrie Goulding

English Professional Learning Council (PLC)

Jake Williams

Math Embedded Tutoring

Deanna Valdez

Open Education Resources (OER)

Nicole Major and Jennifer Pakula

English Department Retreat

Jack Beckham

Teaching Developing Writers

Carrie Goulding

Math Community Outreach

Patrick Quigley

Basic Skills Tutoring

Kim D'Arcy
CPR Retreat

Catherine Hayter, Sumaya McCleave

Bridging the AVID Experience

Michelle Duffy
California Acceleration Project Summer Institute

Carrie Goulding