Basic Skill Initiative Committee

Spring 2014 Basic Skills Initiative Committee

Committee Members for Spring 2014

  • Marina Aminy, Liberal Arts (English)
  • Janet Bagwell, Liberal Arts (Reading)
  • Shellie Banga, Liberal Arts (English)
  • Jack Beckman, Liberal Arts (English)
  • Jason Hole, Math, Science, and Engineering (Math)
  • Sarah Chang, Counseling Services, (Counselor)
  • Jerilyn Chuman, Counseling Services
  • Stevie Daniels, Liberal Arts (ESL)
  • Bruce Gilman, Academic Senate and Liberal Arts (English)
  • Christina Hinkle, Social and Behavioral Sciences and LRC Tutoring
  • Michael Hoggatt, Learning Disabilities
  • Lesley Humphrey, Outreach and Recruitment
  • Chin Lim, Liberal Arts (ESL)
  • Sumaya McCleave, Math, Science, and Engineering (Math)
  • Chris McDonald, Math, Science, and Engineering
  • Kevin O'Connor, Liberal Arts
  • Nicole Ortega, Research and Planning
  • Patrick Quigley, Math, Science, and Engineering (Math)
  • Irene Renault, Liberal Arts (Reading)
  • Michele Rousseau, Math, Science, and Engineering (Computer Sciences)
  • Brooke Sauter, Transfer, Career, and Special Programs Classified Staff
  • Penny Skaff, Matriculation Officer
  • Deanna Valdez, Math, Science, and Engineering (Math)
  • Dan Walsh, Academic Senate and Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Patti Weekes, LRC Tutoring
  • Cadence Wynter, Social and Behavioral Sciences

BSI Committee Facilitator: Patti Flanigan, Dean of Online Education and Learning Resources

BSI Administrative Support: Cora Swanson and Debby Snyder