Basic Skills Initiative

The state defines "basic skills" as "those foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, learning skills, study skills and English as a Second Language which are necessary for students to succeed in college level work."


The mission of Saddleback College’s Basic Skills Initiative is to explore, identify, and address the needs of basic skills students. BSI funding allocations directly support a coordinated expansion of academic and student support services that will facilitate the successful transition of basic skills students into college-level coursework.

Approved as of January 29th: BSI Mission and Core Values

Next BSI Meeting - April 23, 2015 in AGB 106

The next BSI Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in AGB 106.

Important:  Christina Hinkle, Director of Learning Assistance, will be serving as interim BSI coordinator and facilitator of the BSI proposals for 2015 - 2016. This position will have a faculty co-chair (to be selected in the near future).

Tentative BSI projects for 2015 - 2016 include:

  • Embedded Tutoring - Math, English, and ESL
  • Embedded Librarians for key classes in Basic Skills
  • Refresh Program
  • Student Mentors
  • Professional Development for faculty
  • Student Tutorials for Points of Need

Additional Funding Sources: Student Equity and DSP&S can and will be used to augment BSI projects that align with their criteria.

Statewide Basic Skills Report: Due on July 31st

Saddleback College Statistics

BSI Meeting Dates/Highlights for 2014 - 2015

Meeting Dates and Highlights for Fall 2014

Meeting Dates for Spring 2015

BSI Resources

BSI Committee Members

Sumaya McCleave, MS&E Sarah Chang, CS Penny Skaff, CS
Bruce Gilman, LA Marina Aminy, LA Leslie Humphrey - Outreach
Carrie Goulding, LA Michael Hoggatt, TC &SP Janet Bagwell, LA
Chris McDonald, MS&E Kevin O'Connor, LA Cadence Wynter, SBS
Deanna Valdez, MS&E Christina Hinkle, OELR Patti Flanigan, OELR
Carol Bander, LA Jerilyn Chuman, CS Maria Teresa Romero, SBS
Larry Perez, MS&E Jack Beckman, LA Estella Garrison-Castillo

Pertinent Reading Materials for Basic Skills


Basic Skills Completion

A Guide to Transforming Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges, Inside and Outside the Classroom.

Saddleback College - Five Year Cycle - BSI Student Success and Retention Rates

Basic Skills Student Support and Resources

Saddleback College - Student Health Center

California Community College Chancellor's Office - Basic Skills Progress Tracker


BSI Administrative Support

BSI Administrative Support

Our BSI administrative support is Debby Snyder

Debby's Schedule: Monday - Friday,  9:00 a.m. to  2:00 p.m.
Office Location: LRC 205
Telephone Extension: (949) 348-6084
Email Address:

Primary Job Responsibilities: Create faculty stipends, process paperwork for the hiring of part-time classified staff, manage payroll/time sheets for faculty and staff, maintain BSI web site, monitor BSI budget, assist with tracking and assessment of BSI projects, coordinate publicity for the BSI projects, and support BSI project coordinators with their specific project needs.

BSI Goals for 2011 - 2016

Saddleback College BSI is committed to the following goals:

  • COURSES/SLO’s:  Support  Basic Skills departments such as Reading, ESL, English and Math to improve the success rates of SLO’s in Basic Skills courses, including evaluating, assessing and revising course curriculum and offerings. 


  • FACULTY:  Support faculty and content area experts to develop innovative programs and curriculum within departments to improve learning and retention among Basic Skills students.


  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Provide professional development to all faculty and classified staff working with Basic Skills students, with opportunities to improve teaching, learning, support services, retention and other strategies for success based on good practices and current theories for learning.


  • CROSS-DEPARTMENTAL COLLABORATION:  Facilitate collaboration between departments to improve support services, retention and success for Basic Skills students.


  • INSTITUTIONAL COLLABORATION:  Foster greater collaboration and alignment between administrative/service departments (matriculation, counseling, tutoring labs, etc.) and academic departments to insure greater consistency, retention and success for Basic Skills students.


  • SUPPORT SERVICES:  Survey and evaluate current support services for Basic Skills students (such as tutoring, placement, matriculation, transfer, etc.) to determine:  effectiveness, need for restructuring  and/or need for additional services

BSI Projects

Total BSI Allocation for 2014 - 2015 is projected to be $104,743.

BSI Projects for 2014 - 2015

Project Coordinator

Approved Total

Embedded Tutoring in Basic Skills English Courses

Marina Aminy $13,245
Accelerated Introduction to College Writing Carrie Goulding and Marina Aminy $3,091

Workshop for English and Reading Placement

Jeff Vogel and Penny Skaff


Embedded Tutoring for ESL Classes

Katherine Sleep and Stevie Daniels $12,607

Online Tools for Basic Instruction

Brett Myhren $6,413

English Professional Learning Council

Jack Beckham and  Carrie Goulding $4,684

Professional Development Practicum

Carrie Goulding and  Shellie Ochi

Academic Reading Practicum for Faculty Department Michelle Duffy $10,596
Vocabulary Modules for Social and Behavioral Sciences

Debbie Lombardi

Math Tutoring

Deanna Valdez, Sumaya McCleave and Sharyn Sotelo






BSI Action Plans - Projects for 2014 - 2015

Project Name

Action Plans

Embedded Tutoring for ESL Classes

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

English Professional Learning Council (PLC)

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Professional Development Practicum

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Accelerated Introduction to College Writing

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Workshops for English and Reading Placement

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Online Tools for Basic Skills Instruction

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Embedded Tutoring for English Classes

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Math Tutoring Center

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Vocabulary Moddules for Social and Behavioral Sciences

Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Academic Reading Practicum for Faculty Development 

Action Plan 2014 - 2015




Tools for Learning

Tools to support Learning Skills.

General Learning Skills

Online Tools Descriptions

Study Skills for Student Success


Here you will find tools to help make your textbook work for you, how to use a dictionary and more.
Study Technique Classes APSY 161A & APSY 161B provide students with learning and study techniques.
Various Study Techniques A variety of different study techniques that aide learning.
Effective Study Techniques Learn the SQR3 method for studying.
Time Management Learn effective ways to best organize time for studying.
Memorization Techniques Learn effective way to memorize class material.
Test Preparation Tools Tools to help prepare for tests.
How to Get the Most Out of Studying A video about how to get the most out of studying.
Khan Academy Learn almost anything.


English Learning Skills

English Tools Description
English Skill Classes Available A listing of English classes with description to help with spelling, reading and more.
Featured Saddleback College English Classes A listing of featured classes to Sharpen your skills and prepare for Academic Success.
ESL Helpful Resources Various ESL class listing, skill sets by Instructor Dolores Schultz at Saddleback College.
Writing a Research Paper Helpful tips for writing research papers.


Math Learning Skills

Math Tools Description
Math Exam Prep Information about preparing for Math Exams.
Algebra2go Instructor Larry Perez's website with helpful Algebra tips.
Success in Math Helpful Math study skills.
Math Study Skills A list of some helpful study skills for Math.