The mission of Saddleback College’s Basic Skills Initiative is to explore, identify, and address the needs of basic skills students. BSI funding allocations directly support a coordinated expansion of academic and student support services that will facilitate the successful transition of basic skills students into college-level coursework.

Approved as of January 29th: BSI Mission and Core Values

BSI Coordinator and Co-chair for 2015 - 2016

Coordinator: Christina Hinkle, Director of Learning Assistance                                   
Email Address: chinkle@saddleback.edu

Co-chair: Deanna Valdez, Mathematics Instructor
Email Address: dvaldez@saddleback.edu


BSI Administrative Support

Administrative Support:  Christie Smead
Office Location: LRC220
Telephone Extension: (949) 348-6084
Email Address: csmead@saddleback.edu


BSI Project Information

Additional Funding Sources: Student Equity and DSPS can and will be used to augment BSI projects that align with their criteria.

Statewide Basic Skills Report: Due on July 31, 2015

Saddleback College Statistics


BSI Meeting Dates/Highlights for 2015 - 2016

BSI Meeting Dates for 2015-2016 will be held in LRC 337 (unless otherwise stated) from 3 pm to 4:30 pm and are as follows:

Meeting Dates for Fall 2015

  • Thursday, October 8 – Regular Committee Mtg.
  • Thursday, November 12 - Regular Committee Mtg.
  • December - Happy Holidays (No Meeting.)

Meeting Dates for Spring 2016

  • Thursday, February 11 - Regular Committee Mtg.
  • Thursday, March 10 - Regular Committee Mtg. Location to be confirmed
  • Thursday, April 14 - Regular Committee Mtg. Location to be confirmed

BSI Resources

BSI Committee Members for 2015 - 2016

Sumaya McCleave, MS&E Sarah Chang, CS Penny Skaff, CS
Bruce Gilman, LA Marina Aminy, OELR Leslie Humphrey-Quirk, Outreach
Carrie Goulding, LA Michael Hoggatt, TC &SP Janet Bagwell, LA
Chris McDonald, MS&E Kevin O'Connor, LA Cadence Wynter, SBS
Deanna Valdez, MS&E Christina Hinkle, OELR Maria Teresa Romero, SBS
Jack Beckham, LA Estella Castillo-Garrison, CE, E & K12 Julie McGirr, LA
Cora Swanson, OELR    

Pertinent Reading Materials for Basic Skills

Basic Skills Completion

A Guide to Transforming Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges, Inside and Outside the Classroom.

Saddleback College - Five Year Cycle - BSI Student Success and Retention Rates

Basic Skills Student Support and Resources

California Community College Chancellor's Office - Basic Skills Progress Tracker