Project Summaries

BSI Project Summaries for 2017 - 2018


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Title Lead(s) Background/Justification Objectives Student Outcomes
California Acceleration Project Community of Practice Carrie Goulding Provide support for Math and English faculty implementing high-challenge, high-support pedagogy in accelerated pathways, defined as any changes to placement and curricula that reduce or eliminate students' time in remedial courses.

1) Prepare faculty to effectively teach ENG 390 and develop new strands of curriculum.

2) Inform faculty of ways to increase completion, success and retention for basic skills students.

Increase completion of college-level coursework for students in English sequence.
CPR Retreat Catherine Hayter, Sumaya McCleave Second of two retreats inspired by the Leading from the Middle Academy. Faculty across the four disciplines will share accomplishments as they work to achieve goals set in first retreat. Address strategies to increase student completion rates, especially those in developmental classes Provide benefits to under-prepared college students through innovations developed in and across departments.
English Department Retreat Jack Beckham, Suki Fisher, Catherine Hayter Follow-up of the CPR Retreat to continue discussion and work on items raised at initial retreat. 1) Establish a faculty mentoring program.
2) Create course leads for English with concrete roles and responsibilities.
3) Create future professional development opportunities.
Math Community Outreach Program Patrick Quigley Math professors serve as guest lecturers at Counseling 100 classes which provide essential skills for success to high school students planning to attend Saddleback College. 1) Clarify differences between the various math course sequences.
2) Inform students of the subject matter, schedules, and importance of the math placement exam.
3) Expose students to time management and study skills strategies effective in math.
4) Inform students of math-focused educational resources available through SC.
• Inform students of standards and expectations for a typical math class
1) Identify the math course track best for their expected field.
2) Identify subjects on the math placement exam.
3) Identify time management and study skills strategies they can implement.
4) Identify math-related resources accessible through SC.
5) Identify typical expectations for college math classes.