Teaching Tools

Faculty Support

Faculty teaching resources with different teaching methods.

Teaching Models
Online Tools Descriptions
Models of Teaching Methods A listing of various teaching methods.
Inductive versus Deductive Reasoning A list with examples of deductive and inductive reasoning.
Student Centered Teaching and Learning Student Centered Teaching and Learning with example videos.
Programmed Instruction Examples of different types of programmed instruction.
Direct Instruction A description and information about direct instruction.
Mnemonics Understanding how Mnemonics works
Advanced Organizers Information about the different type of advanced organizers.
Concept Attainment Information about the purpose of Concept Attainment.
Synectics Information and examples of how to utilize Synectics.
Bloom's Taxonomy Understanding the use of Bloom's Taxonomy.


Additional Resources
Additional Resources Description
Service Learning Saddleback College Service Learning webpage to inform, encourage, and support faculty to integrate in their courses.
Institute for Teaching & Learning Faculty resources for Best Practices in Online Teaching, building better syllabi, and more.
Professional Development Professional Development activities for all faculty.
ON COURSE Strategies for Empowering Students to Become Active, Responsible Learners