Office of Planning, Research and Accreditation (OPRA)

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The Office of Planning, Research and Accreditation (OPRA) facilitates college-wide continuous improvement, innovation, data driven decision making, and accountability through the integration of strategic planning and institutional research. Together, these functions play a central role in the decision-making needs of the college, promote institutional effectiveness, and sustain vitality in a rapidly changing environment.

As a department under the Office of Instruction, the OPRA is responsible for leadership, administration and advocacy in the functions of strategic planning and institutional research to ensure institutional effectiveness.

OPRA's planning responsibilities include leading the development of the College's Strategic Plan, overseeing its implementation, monitoring progress toward achieving goals and objectives, evaluating the planning process, and assessing the achievement of plan outcomes.

OPRA's research responsibilities include working closely with college constituencies, instructional units, and administrative units, to develop and implement a research agenda that addresses college strategic planning goals and objectives. As well, research staff members support college data collection and reporting needs as these activities relate to required state and federal accountability initiatives and compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Research staff members also support the Education Planning and Assessment Committee (EPA) by providing data analysis in the areas of outcomes assessment, program operations, and program impact.

OPRA's accreditation responsibilities include providing support for the self-study that is conducted every six years and the mid-term report every three years. Additionally, OPRA monitors the implementation of planning agendas and recommendations, and plays a lead role in developing the ACCJC annual report. Research staff members also participate on accreditation committees to provide perspective on institutional statistics and trends regarding institutional effectiveness.

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