Educational Development

The Educational Development Planning Group is a standing committee comprised of representatives from all of Saddleback College's constituent groups. Guided by the Strategic Planning Process the committee is responsible for developing and recommending goals and strategies within the areas of focus listed below.

Areas of Focus

Scheduling Curriculum Basic Skills
OSH Budget Academics Faculty & Staff Development
Degrees & Certificates Career & Technical Education Emeritus
New Programs Honors Grants
Program Development Distance Education Study Abroad


Strategic Directions

Improve Student Preparedness

Saddleback College will ensure that students gain the foundational skills necessary to complete college level work and achieve career goals.

Foster Innovation

Saddleback College will employ innovative teaching and technology to enhance instruction and student services.

Excel in College Transfers

Saddleback College will increase student transfers to four-year colleges and universities.

Enhance Resources

Saddleback College will improve its ability to expand and develop alternative sources of revenue to support college priorities.

Assignments, Agendas & Updates:

Our next meeting is Friday, August 27 from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Green Room of the McKinney Theatre.

ASSIGNMENT: Please take a look at the 3 Year Implementation Worksheet below (under support documents). This will familiarize you with our assigned goals and strategies. We will be developing initiatives for the strategies for each of the 3 years.

The next step in the process addresses the tactical planning for the initiatives. The success of the tactics will be driven by the determination of an appropriate Responsible Person, the assignment of Deadlines and Deliverables.

Thank you!


Meeting Schedule Help and Support Documents

Location & Time: Green Room, McKinney Theatre, 2:00-4:00 pm

Date & Time:
Aug. 27, 2010
Sept. 09, 2010
Sept. 24, 2010
Oct. 08,2010
Oct. 22,2010
Nov. 05,2010
Nov. 09,2010
Dec. 03, 2010

Minutes 11/03/09
Minutes 11/17/09
Minutes 12/01/09
Minutes 02/03/10
Minutes 08/27/10

Ed.Dev. 3 Year Implementation Worksheet


PDF Full Implementation doc CC 08032010

Consultation Council Approved Goals Feb. 02, 10

Educational Development Smart Goals

Goals vs. Strategies vs Tactics

SMART Goal Development Worksheet
Strategic Planning Organizational Chart
Strategic Planning Timeline

CCC EAP Application Transmittal Memo
CCC EAP Application Instructions Nov. '09
CCC EAP Application 2009-2010 FINAL
CCC EAP Application Point Scale

SC Demographics Data

EOPS Fast Facts
DSPS Fast Facts

Educational Development Goals

Committee Members

Kate Realista
Anthony Teng
April Cunningham
Cheryl Altman
Claire Cesareo-Silva
Claudia Cline
David Francisco
Don Taylor
Janice Mastrangelo
Jerilyn Chuman
Jill Lagatta
Joyce Semanik
Kevin O'Connor
Patti Weekes
Steve Handa
Terry Wedel