Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning within Saddleback College:
Saddleback College's Student Success Coordinating Committee championed an integrated planning model that links the college's strategic plan to activities within SSSP, SEP and BSI.  Our draft integrated plan can be found here.

The college's integrated plan is centered on 5 common goals:
1.Identify non-academic barriers
2.Increase access and support
3.Increase transfer-level Math and English
4.Increase degrees, certificates, transfer
5.Increase success for disproportionately impacted

District-wide Integrated Planning at Saddleback College within SOCCCD
Saddleback College participates in an integrated planning model as part of SOCCCD's district-wide integrated planning.  There are four cornerstones of the integrated strategic planning effort district-wide:
  • common planning cycles;
  • a coordinated terminology, goals, objectives, and key performance indicators;
  • flexibility;
  • and collective and collaborative dialogue 
Saddleback College has adopted the district-wide planning framework presented below and has integrated and aligned its college planning and decision-making processes with the collective effort of the district.

At SOCCCD, district-wide integrated planning achieves following planning outcomes:
  • shared goals, objectives and KPI's for strategic planning
  • district-wide budget priorities
  • major planning coordination (Education and Facilities Master Plan, District-wide Technology plan)
The flow chart below illustrates the integrated district-wide strategic planning model.

The college's annual report provides a temperature check on the college's progress and success with its strategic plan.  It also serves as a way for the college to broadly communicate the results of its assessment and evaluation activities. 

Click here: Saddleback College's Strategic Plan Update at the District-Wide Planning Council