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College Resource Allocation Process

College Resource Allocation Process Model

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2014-2020 Saddleback College Strategic Plan (as of 1.22.16)

About Planning

Saddleback College recognizes that planning is critical for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the college, facilitates better-informed decisions about the allocation of college resources, and ultimately results in improved student achievement. Planning at Saddleback College is comprehensive, collaborative and designed to enable the college to effectively achieve its mission and move towards its desired vision of the future.

The purpose of this website is to document Saddleback College’s continuous and integrated planning efforts whereby the college collectively identifies and prioritizes college-wide goals and strategies, implements these goals and strategies, and measures and evaluates the outcomes.

Saddleback College uses a bottom-up approach to planning which both begins and ends with all instructional programs, student support and administrative service units as well as input from all campus constituent groups. 

Periodic evaluation and review is also an essential part of continuous improvement at the college.  Both the process and the resulting plans are critically evaluated on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that the needs of the college and all its constituent groups are being met. 

Planning Documents:

2014-2020 Saddleback College Strategic Plan (as of 1.22.16)
2010-2013 Saddleback College Strategic Plan
2011 Saddleback College Education and Facilities Master Plan
2006 Saddleback College Educational Resource Plan
2006 Saddleback College Campus Master Plan
2005 Saddleback College Student Equity Plan