Program Outcomes

Occupational Skills Award

Occupational Skills Award


The Basic Costume Construction and Sourcing Occupational Skills Award prepares students with the basic skills necessary to assist Costume Designers. Students will learn to source and construct costumes for costume designers working in the areas of: film, television, dance, theater, theme parks, special events, cultural and ethnic events, costume shops, e-commerce, uniform/sports, advertising, Cosplay, Anime and Pop Culture conventions. Coursework covers material sourcing, costume, and underpinning construction for a range of audiences, costume history, textiles and dyeing, draping, pattern making, and drafting. After completion of the skills award, students will be eligible for a position in the following areas: assistant costume designer, costume stitcher, costume shop assistant, costume sourcing specialist, costume dresser, costume alterationist, costume pattern maker, costume accessory designer, costume underpinnings and corsetry construction, costume dyeing and distressing, and millinery and shoe construction for contemporary and historical costumes. 


Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $28,000 to $206,000 with an average salary of $73,000.

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