Program Outcomes

Associate in Science for Transfer

Associate in Science for Transfer


The curriculum in the Geology program is designed to provide the transfer student the opportunity to achieve an Associate in Science in Geology for Transfer degree by providing the necessary background in quantitative reasoning as well as physical and earth sciences. This background should provide students with the tools to successfully complete a bachelor's degree in Earth Science, Geology, or Geophysics. Students who complete the Associate in Science Degree in Geology for Transfer receive priority admission to the California State University system, though admission to a specific campus is not guaranteed. While an associate degree may support attempts to gain entry-level employment or promotion, a baccalaureate or higher degree is recommended for those considering professional careers, which can be achieved through transfer. Please refer to Graduation Requirements for more information on transfer degree requirements.


Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $36,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $112,000.

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