Program Outcomes

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement


Sustainability is a key component of our Wellness Gardening Certificate of Achievement program, which is based on horticultural science and technology. It prepares students for careers such as directors of wellness gardens, sustainable horticulture consultants, garden designers, and herbs, fruit, nut, vegetable, and ornamental plant propagation and maintenance commonly used in wellness gardens. Research supports the implementation of wellness gardens as a strategy to improve and promote human well-being for persons of all ages. Opportunities to connect with nature in a thriving wellness garden benefit the mental and physical health of the people, the ecology, and the communities surrounding them. Through our program students will be able to achieve occupational competencies such as strong leadership, communication skills, planning and managerial expertise, and knowledge-based consultation.


Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $27,000 to $198,000 with an average salary of $58,000.

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