Anny Proctor

Anny ProctorBefore Anny graduated, she faced many obstacles along the way. As a single parent, Anny utilized the different assistance programs at Saddleback College, primarily the Re-Entry Center. With the appropriate referrals and support from the Re-Entry Center, Anny found the help she needed.

Meeting with counselors from the Counseling Department and utilizing the vital resources from Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, Anny was gifted with the knowledge of being able to “discover a better person inside of me, which allowed me to know how smart I am, even during hardship.”

Now strong and confident in herself, Anny offered the following advice for returning students: “I strongly recommend all of those who are struggling to finish college to seek ALL the help Saddleback College has to offer. Ask your counselor, ask your instructors, ask your classmates, ask Financial Aid, ASK ASK ASK…” Anny has accepted admission into University of California, Berkeley and has already completed courses during the summer of 2013!