Seena Ghalambor

Seena GhalamborAs an engineering student at Tehran University, Seena was experiencing doubts and uncertainties in his education. Uninterested in the subject matter and not actively involved in school, Seena made the difficult decision of dropping out. Uncertain of what to do next, and not realizing the hardship that would follow, he began to question what he should do next. He enrolled in the mandatory two year military service and “ironically, that priceless experience made my character a little flexible and accepting of the things I could not have control over in life.”

Immigrating to the United States in April of 2010, Seena felt a renewed sense of purpose. During his time in the military, he became passionate about languages, etymology and teaching. He realized though that he would have to return to school and earn his degree. Seena enrolled in Saddleback College and while not actively involved in Tehran University, he was the opposite at Saddleback. “I was lucky enough to continue teaching English as a tutor in the LAP Center thanks to the mentorship I received from my professors on campus. Moreover, I had the opportunity to work in the Career and Re-Entry Center as a work-study student and learn from the wonderful people working there.”

Seena then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona where he was involved in clubs and earned his bachelor degree in less than three years. He is currently working as a supply chain planner in Orange County and is researching various MBA programs.