Student Success Stories

"Thank you for supporting me."-Re-Entry Student, 2010

"You know, better than anyone, what it means to me to be awarded on my re-entry to school, the place I have always felt I belong to and yet, the very place that I was so afraid to get into again." Re-Entry Center Student Scholarship Recipient, 2011

"That you have recognized me with this honor, strengthens my resolve to excel on the path I have chosen. Your willingness to guide me is a blessing I will always treasure." Re-Entry Center Student Scholarship Recipient

Anny Proctor

Anny Proctor was a hopeful student trying to figure out where she belonged. Arriving to the United States with little English, she enrolled at Saddleback College unsure of where to start. After connecting with the Re-Entry Center and Sholeh Alizadeh, Anny now proudly holds an Associate in Arts degree in International Languages with a 3.98 GPA.

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Seena Ghalambor

As a recent immigrant to the United States, Seena Ghalambor considered himself to be a highly motivated individual with a passion for learning. He achieved his educational goals with the assistance of the Re-Entry Center at Saddleback College and is now looking to pursue an MBA. However, Seena, wasn't always that confident or certain about his education.

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