CDE Educational Funding

Educational Funding for CDE Students

Saddleback CDE students may be eligible for education stipends are funded by the Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) for eligible students. CDTC administers a federal, quality improvement block grant administered through the CA Department of Education to support the progress of Child Development students. Funds received may be recorded on students' 1098-T forms. 

The Saddleback CDTC program can only accept applications for Saddleback courses. If you are taking courses at other colleges, they may also have the same program and you would apply through them for the units taken there.

Step One: Determine if you are eligible.

You must be able to answer “yes” to all three of the questions below:

1. Courses:

Are taking courses that could apply to any level of the Child Development Permit? This includes both CDE and/or General Education courses in English, Language Arts, Humanities, Social Behavioral Sciences, Science, Math, Fine Arts, and Physical Fitness

YES?-Go on to the next question
NO? You are not eligible, check with the financial aid office for other financial opportunities.
2. Employment:

Are you currently working in California with children ages 0-5 in a licensed or license-exempt setting in one of the roles below? Nannies are not eligible.

  • Child Center staff
  • Family Childcare providers
  • Before/After School Care staff
  • Transitional Kindergarten teachers

YES? Go on to the next question

NO? You are not eligible. Check with the financial aid office for other funding opportunities 

3. Major Pathway

3. Is your Major at Saddleback identified as Child Development and/or Education and you have completed a MAP?

YES? Go on to step 2.

NO? Contact Admissions and Records and the Counseling Department to identify your major and create your MAP otherwise, you are not eligible. 

Step Two: If you are eligible, complete the Student Profile Application: 

Complete the Student Profile Application linked here on the Child Development Training Consortium Home Page

You will see a big green bar across the top that says “Student Profile Application”

Note: If you attend other colleges, even IVC, during the same semester, you must submit a separate application to each college listing the classes you took only at the college you are submitting the application to.

Note: If you are applying for more than one semester or term, complete a separate online application and signed form for each semester. 

***Review the list linked here to avoid common errors when completing your application*** 

After completing the online portion:

  • PRINT the completed 2 page application pdf, sign, and
  • GET your employer's signature, printed name and title in the correct spots on the application. If the form you print does not have spaces for signatures, it is not the correct form.
  • SCAN both pages and make sure the document is legible when viewed and/or printed. Check this yourself before sending -if it looks blurry or dark to you, it will look the same to me.
  • ATTACH and EMAIL your document to me at this email Do not send an unidentified document: The file name of the document AND the subject line of the email need to be clear. I suggest yourlastnameCDTCApp for your file name, and CDTC App for your subject line.

Due Dates:

  • Fall Application Due Date: October 15th         Spring Application Due Date March 13th
  • Late applications will be processed at 2nd priority.
  • Confirmation emails will be sent by two weeks after the due dates.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation by the relevant date please check with the coordinator, June Millovich
  • Grade and Documentation Due Dates: January 10th for Fall and Summer Classes and June 10th for Spring Classes
  • Late final documentation will NOT be considered. No exceptions.

Two Documents are required to complete the process:

  1. A screenshot or scan of your MYSITE grade report
  2. A screenshot of your Student Evaluation confirmation page

Paper copies are not accepted.

All verification must be emailed to June Millovich, Campus Coordinator. 

Make sure the file attachments and the subject line of the email have clear identification of what they are. 

If you have any questions please ask.