Global Studies

The Global Studies program at Saddleback College takes an interdisciplinary approach toward learning about the process of globalization and the many contemporary global issues of our time. Students will learn about their place in an interconnected world by engaging a broad scope of perspectives and gaining valuable critical thinking and communication skills for the marketplace. The program welcomes both new students seeking GE credit and those whose interest is in transferring to Global Studies programs at a number of nation-wide and international universities. It also serves as a first step for students pursuing careers in foreign diplomacy, international affairs, public policy, international institutions and NGOs, international business, and academia. 

Global Studies Faculty 

Maureen Smith (Co-Chair)

Located in BGS 350 | Phone: 949-582-4210

Dan Walsh (Co-Chair)

Located in BGS 350 | Phone: (949) 582-4398

Austin Beahm   

Located in BGS 348 | Email: | Phone: 949-582-4868 (email preferred) 

Courses Offered

GLST 1: Introduction to Global Studies 

GLST 2: Global Issues