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updated 10/26/2020


Spring 2021 SLO

Psyc 1

Identify the primary research methods employed in the study of psychology.

Psyc 2

Evaluate the advantages and limitations of different research methods used in psychological research (not via test question).

Psyc 3

Differentiate between several measures of brain activity used in biopsychological research. (ensure reading material covers)

Psyc 4

Demonstrate an understanding of the historical basis of how cognitive psychology was formed as a branch of general psychology.

Psyc 5

Integrate the interaction of the biological bases of human sexuality with the psychological and historical influences in our society. (common assessment)

Psyc 7

 Identify and evaluate factors affecting the physical, social, emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of children and adolescents.

Psyc 16

Describe and apply skills that enhance cross-cultural communication, interactions, and relationships.

Psyc 21

Compare and contrast theories of how gender identity develops.

Psyc 25

(Previously Psyc 125)

Demonstrate understanding of the cognitive functioning and intelligence of older adults.

Psyc 30

Define the bystander effect and identify the situational variables that promote it. (not discussion board assignment)

Psyc 33

Analyze and explain the major theories of human motivation.

Psyc 37

Identify and compare major scientific methods for gathering and analyzing information to describe abnormal behavior.

Psyc 44

Formulate and identify null and alternative hypotheses in research. (more emphasis in class)

Psyc 140

Locate resource materials relevant to psychology using the library digital database.

updated 11/24/2020