Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first four courses I would take to become an Early Childhood Teacher?

The first four courses you would take for any of our certificates or degrees are:
CD 101 – Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
CD 15 – Child, Family and Community
CD 7 – Child Growth and Development
CD 110 – Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum

How do I petition a class that is full?

Add your name to the wait list that is found on your registration page in MySite.  Add codes are generated automatically by the college when a space becomes available.  You may also contact the instructor directly to see if the instructor can accommodate additional students.

How do I determine if a Child Development course I completed at another college is equivalent to a Saddleback College Child Development course?

If you have taken a course at another college which is essentially the same as a course taught at Saddleback and you would like to use it toward a Saddleback certificate or degree you must:

  • Complete the Admissions and Records Course Waiver and Substitution petition
  • Attach a copy of either your course syllabus or a course description from the official Course Catalog of the college where you completed the course.  Note that the description needs to be dated for the year in which you took the course.
  • Be sure that your official transcripts from that college have been sent to Saddleback College.
  • Submit the Petition form and supporting documents as described above to a full time faculty member of the Child Development Department.
  • The faculty member will make a determination whether this course is approved for substitution.

If I took some Child Development courses at Saddleback a long time ago, how do I know which classes they are equivalent to now?



 If you took:

 Course Title

 Now it is:

 Course Title

Psych 7 (3) If taken before fall 2010

After 2010 CD 107 is required

Developmental Psychology Childhood and Adolescents   

CD 107 or CD 7

Child Growth and Development

Soc 15  (3) before fall 2010

Socialization of the Child

CD 105 or CD 15   (3)

Child Family and Community

HD 101 (3)

Observations of Young Children

CD 120 (3)

Observation and Assessment

HD 110 (3)

Principles and Programs for Early Childhood

CD 101 (3)

Programs and Practices for Teaching Young Children

HD 120 (3)

Child Guidance

CD 111 (3)

Child Guidance and Communication

HD 131 (3)

Creative Activities in Child Development

CD 114 (3)

Creative and Dramatic arts

HD 145 (3)

Young Children, Language Arts and Literature

CD 115 (3)

Language and Literacy

HD 150 (3)

Science and Numbers in Early Childhood Education

CD 113 (3)

Teaching Science and Math

HD 151 (3)

Nutrition and Safety for Teachers of Young Children        

CD 112 (3)

Health, Safety, and Nutrition

HD 160 (3)

HD 181 (2)



CD 121 (3)

Practicum: The Student Teaching Experience


Had no equivalent course prior to 2006

CD 110

Introduction to Curriculum

CWE 168/69 (1)

Practicum/Fieldwork Cooperative Work Experience


No longer available

HSC 229 (1)

First Aid and Health for Early Childhood Teachers


No longer available






How do I obtain information about tuition reimbursement?

To qualify for tuition reimbursement students must:

  • Attend Saddleback College
  • Be a Child Development Major
  • Work with children ages 0-5 in a licensed program
  • Child Development and General Education courses are eligible for consideration

Applications and other documents must be returned to June Millovich by the semester due dates:  Please visit the Child Development Department Webpage for additional information. Click on "Special Benefits for Majors" and then "Tuition Reimbursement"

Where do I find text book information?

Visit the Saddleback College bookstore link (access from the Saddleback home page).  Or, when viewing the schedule of classes, click on the “Book Info” link next to the course ticket number.  All Child Development faculty also have faculty web pages.  Click on the “red person” next to the instructor’s name on the class schedule and you will find a link to their faculty webpage.  Here you will find textbook info as well as other course information.

Text books are very expensive. Is it possible to “borrow” text books?

Yes, students are able to apply for a book loan. Book loan requests are accepted each in Fall and Spring Semesters only. Students must complete a Book Loan Request form and sign a contract for the loan.  Requests are to be submitted no later than Two Weeks PRIOR to the start of a semester.  Please visit for additional Book Loan information.

What is the deadline to submit an application for, an Occupational Skills Award, a Certificate and/or the Associate Degree?

The deadline to submit the application for an Occupation Skills Award, a Certificate, and   the Associate Degree are:  November 1st for Fall, March 1st for Spring, July 1st for Summer. The application process is done in your MySite.  You can find further instructions here:

Online Learning Questions:

I have never taken an online course before.  Where to I start learning how to log in to the course or use blackboard?

Saddleback College provides excellent student support for online learning.   Go to the Saddleback College home page and click on the tab marked Student Success.  Then click on “technical help”.  Here you will find tutorials which will teach you how to log on to blackboard and how to navigate in the course.

Is the orientation on campus?

The orientation for online courses is done on the blackboard site for the class.  There is typically no on campus work for a fully online class, although most courses require you to do site visits in your local community as part of the coursework.

Practicum questions:

Do the practicum prerequisites need to be done at Saddleback?

If you have taken comparable courses elsewhere, you may complete a course waiver and substitution petition.  Once approved, you will be allowed to register for the course. See question 1 above for more information.

I am a student who currently holds a bachelor’s degree so I plan to earn my Child Development Permit using the alternative qualifications matrix.  What are the courses I would need to take before I can take practicum (the supervised field experience requirement) at Saddleback?

Before taking practicum (CD 121), you would need to complete (or provide course equivalency for):
CD 101 – Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
CD 15 – Child, Family and Community
CD 7 – Child Growth and Development
CD 110 -  Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum
CD 120 – Observation and Assessment

Is practicum ever offered online?

Because of the nature or this course, it is very rarely taught online.  When it is offered online, the student must secure a placement with a California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher in their local area for the 90 lab hours.  The rest of the course is then done online.