School Age Care and Recreation Certificate


classroom settingThis certificate meets the coursework requirements for the Teacher level of the California Child Development Permit on the school-age matrix and prepares students to be competent and effective caregivers and recreation leaders for children ages 6-12.

Additional work experience with young children (175 days of 3 hours per day within 4 years) may be required to qualify for state permit. The Saddleback Certificate can be earned with coursework only.

Students are encouraged to apply for BOTH the college certificate and the state permit.

Complete all core courses, supervised field experience, including all prerequisite courses and specified general education courses to earn your certificate. A minimum grade of "C" in each course is required to receive the certificate.

Qualifies you for careers working directly or indirectly with children in related fields such as:

  • Before & After School Caregiver
  • Youth Group Leader
  • Children's Advocacy
  • Recreation Leader


Curriculum changes as industry standards transform. Please refer to the Saddleback College Catalog website as the following requirements may have changed since this webpage was published.

Download the School Age and Recreation checklist

Note that CD 125- School Age Children and Youth is offered only once each year, typically in the summer semester.

Core Courses 

Course ID Title Units
CDE 101* Principles and Practices for Teaching Young Children 3
CDE 15* Child, Family and Community 3
CDE 7 or 7H* Child Growth and Development 3
CDE 110* Introduction to Curriculum 3
CDE 111* Child Guidance and Communication 3
CDE 112* Health, Safety and Nutrition 3
CDE 117* Teaching in a Diverse Society 3
CDE 120* Observation and Assessment 3

School Age Courses

Course ID Title Units
CDE 121* Practicum: The Student Teaching Experience Lab placement must be in a before/after school care setting with children ages 6-12 5
CDE 125* School Age Children and Youth 3

General Education Requirements for Certificate (16 Units)

At least one degree applicable course in each of the following four (4) areas must be included. See Associate Degree, CSU or IGETC general education lists found in class schedule or student handbook for acceptable courses.

Content Area Units
English/Language Arts  
Science or Math  
Social Sciences  
Humanities/Fine Arts  
Total including at least one course from each area 16


Total units in School Age Care and Recreation Certificate: 48

*Course has a prerequisite, co-requisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description in catalog.