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Instructor absences must be reported to the division office at the earliest possible time. To report your absence, please follow these steps:

  • Call (949) 582-4733 and/or leave a message via e-mail at scsbs@saddleback.edu
  • After division hours, call both the Campus Police at (949)582-4585 to directly notify your students AND leave a message for the division at (949) 582-4733 or via e-mail at scsbs@saddleback.edu

Late For Class:

If you are late for a class for any reason, you must notify the division office.  To report your tardiness, please follow these steps:

  • Call  (949)582-4733 and/or leave a message via e-mail at scsbs@saddleback.edu
  • After division hours, call both the Campus Police at (949) 582-4585 to directly notify your students AND leave a message for the division at (949) 582-4733 or via e-mail at scsbs@saddleback.edu

Class Schedule:

Instructors are to meet their classes at the scheduled time, date, and location.  Any change in time, date, or location must have prior approval through the dean. Failure to comply with the class schedule can and will be grounds for disciplinary action, including possible termination.


Enrolling Students in Classes:

All students must be officially enrolled in class.

Before the first class session

Students can add and drop classes until the official closing of a class (about 24 hours prior to the first class session). Even when a class appears closed, it might reopen. Please stay connected to add classes until their official close time. Remember that additional classes, especially online, may be added throughout the semester.

After the class has officially closed, students may still be able to add the class by attending the first class session. If permission is given to add the class, the faculty member will give the student an Add Permit Code (APC) with a code expiration date. Use the APC codes to add the class online or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records (SSC 102). This must be done before the code expiration date.

When you use the Add Permit Code (APC) online via MySite, payment is by credit card or debit card only. When you use the APC to add a class in-person, you may pay by cash, check, or credit card.

After the expiration date of the Add Permit Code, the grace period is over, and it is simply too late to add the class. Please consider enrolling in our later starting classes or classes for the following semester.

No Show Drops:

Please remember to drop your no-show students online prior to the census date marked at the top of the class roster. This process can be completed via MySite - Work - View Current Schedule.

Student Attendance:

Due to a personal liability to you and to the College, before the expiration date of the class Add Permit Code, the student must be officially enrolled in the class in order to attend the class session.

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Division DVD/Videotape Library:

The division has a small library collection of audio-visual aides located in the division office (BGS 318). You are welcome to review and check out our selection of videotapes and DVDs. In addition, there is a selection of videotapes and DVDs for your use in the college library cirucluation desk. The number of the circulation desk is 582-4526. Click here for the video list.


Faculty Work Space:

Reception Area (BGS 314):
Faculty and staff can use the reception area to meet with students, talk with colleagues, or simply relax. Please do not use this area for make-up exams for your students.

Faculty/Staff Lounge (BGS 310):
Faculty and staff members in the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences are encouraged to use the Faculty/Staff Lounge. A refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, bistro style tables and chairs are available for your use during regular business hours. Students or unauthorized personnel are not allowed in the faculty/staff lounge.

The lounge will be open: Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. The lounge will be closed for general use on major college holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Make-up Examinations:

Make-up exams may not be given to students in the division office area. It is the instructor’s responsibility to arrange a time and place for students to take make-up examinations.

Potential Options:
As a general rule, whenever a faculty member offers students the opportunity to make-up examinations, the faculty member should have a way to give/proctor the examination for the students, classified staff members do not proctor examinations.

How might a student take a "make-up examination?

  • You may allow the student to "make-up" the examination in your class during one of the classes.
  • You may allow the student to "make-up" the examination by posting it on Blackboard (See our ITC staff about how to do this.)
  • You may give the student a "take home" examination that requires independent research and thought in lieu of the classroom examination.
  • You may ask one of your colleagues to proctor the examination.
  • You may schedule an examination session for your students in the SBS conference room, BGS 345.
  • You may arrange with one of our administrative assistants a classroom where you can proctor the examination with your students
  • Finally, I would encourage all of you to work through your Academic Senate and the Vice President of Instruction to get a Testing Center here at the College.

To schedule an examination session in our conference room (BGS 345) or in a vacant classroom, please contact the SBS administrative assistants at (949) 582-4733 or via e-mail at scsbs@saddleback.edu.

Textbook Ordering Process:

Textbook Order Form

As you begin to order textbooks and other instructional materials for each semester, please work closely with the textbook publishers. Book companies tend to have “deep” pockets. Specific to your discipline, you may find that many textbooks now come with a wealth of resources that include video clips, tutorials, online tests, links to supporting information, and textbooks online. Dynamic textbooks and their supporting resources will assist you in creating a productive and innovative learning experience for your students.

Per the College's official outline for credit courses, faculty members must assign readings from a college level textbook. Furthermore, specific courses may require and be augmented by additional reading sources such as newspaper articles, journals, primary source readings, and literature based books. For further information on your selection of textbooks and additional reading sources, please consult with the official course outline and the department chairperson. You can obtain a copy of the official course outline through your department chairperson or the division Administrative Assistant.

To Order Textbooks:

Textbooks are ordered online through the Bookstore. Please follow the instructions on the following link:

textbook ordering

Textbook Pick-up Process

Textbooks are delivered to the division office throughout the semester. When textbooks are received by the division, a notice is put in the faculty members mailbox notifying them each time a book is received and the date it was received. The books are then stored in a locked cabinet for safe keeping. To receive your book, bring the yellow sheet to the division staff and they will get the book for you. Given the division's limited storage, faculty have 30 days to pick up the textbooks.

Status of your Textbook Orders

Be sure to check the status of your textbook orders each semester.

1.  To ensure that your textbook order has been correctly posted on the Bookstore website.

2.  Visit the College Bookstore (Student Services Center) to ensure that your textbooks are in stock.

If you encounter any problems with your textbook order, please immediately contact Ermelinda Lopez, Textbook Manager, at (949) 582-4716 or via email at 0296mgr@fheg.follett.com.

Student Support for Textbooks

The cost and potential lack of access to textbooks can make it difficult for students to take and/or be successful in your classes.

To support students with textbook costs and availability, please consider the following...

  • Ask your textbook publishers for two desk copies of your textbook. Place one desk copy on reserve in the college library.
  • Limit the number of textbooks/instructional resources to what is absolutely necessary to support the learning in your course. With higher gas and housing prices, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for our students to purchase expensive textbooks/instruction resources.
  • Be creative. Explore alternative (and less expensive) sites for students to purchase textbooks. Via online or at a number of off-campus bookstores, textbooks may be less expensive and easier for students to obtain.
  • Create and post supplemental course materials on Blackboard.
  • Include the title and ISBN number of your textbook on your faculty profile, website, and course syllabus. This will enable students to obtain textbooks at alternative sites including the internet, off-campus bookstores, and through friends.

Textbooks via MySite

Students can view their required textbooks by logging onto MySite to My Classes, Current Classes, to View/Buy Saddleback books. A list of required textbooks will populate as shown in the images below.