History Department Student Profiles

Daisy Bautista

Major: HistoryDaisy Bautista

Graduated in: June 2014

Post-Saddleback Education: UC Irvine

Career Goal: Public Defender

“My motivation to study history developed when I took an Advanced Placement United States History course at San Clemente High School. While attending Saddleback College, I took intriguing coursework on the Vietnam War, History of Mexico, World History, U.S History, and History of Asia. Thus, I find history to be an important study because I can critique past events and examine their causes and outcomes. As a result, Saddleback’s History Department provided me with important skills, such as research, critical thinking, evaluating evidence, and historical knowledge skills needed to continue my undergraduate experience at the University of California, Irvine.” 

Saeed Marandi

Major: HistorySaeed Marandi

Graduated in: June 2013

Post-Saddleback Education: UCLA (History Major and President of The Olive Tree Initiative for conflict analysis and student education on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict)

Career Goal: Complete law school and work in diplomacy, public service, or academia

"I majored in history because it was always my favorite subject. As an Iranian-American, there was a lot of pressure from my parents to pursue other fields such as medicine and engineering. When I began my college education, I was really trying to reconcile either doing what I loved or towing the family line. After taking courses at Saddleback, I wasn’t willing to compromise on my desire to learn history. These courses and faculty strengthened my critical thinking skills, and enriched my education more than classes that I have even taken at UCLA. History is such a rewarding field of study. It isn’t merely figures, events, ideas- it is indeed the history of the world and all within it; art, music, human life, science, and philosophy. History is a great major to choose because contrary to what many will tell you, it is an excellent undergraduate field of study for many life pursuits- including business, medicine, journalism and countless others. The faculty at Saddleback College did not just give me a love of history and an ability to excel in my classes, they gave me a love of learning. That is something that can’t always be taught and for that I am forever grateful."

Troy Scott

Major: HistoryTroy Scott

Graduated in: May 2010

Post-Saddleback Education: UC Santa Cruz (BA in European History; currently completing Ph.D. in U.S. History)

Career Goal: History Professor

"I became interested in History as an academic subject during high school, and pursued it further during my first year at Saddleback. While taking several courses, I found the History faculty to be first-rate in their knowledge and ability to engage me. My experience at Saddleback equipped me for the upper-division History and writing courses I would later take upon transferring to UC Santa Cruz, and in my opinion, provided me a unique advantage over incoming students from other junior colleges. Today I am a published author and graduate student working on a PhD in History, and I attribute my success in large part to the History department at Saddleback College."

Amy Nottmeier

Amy NottmeierMajor: Business Administration

Graduated in: May 2015

Post-Saddleback Education Plans: Study Liberal Arts - World History/Law 

Career Goal: My current career goal is to work as a paralegal, but I eventually hope to work as a human rights lawyer or a law scholar. 

"In 2014 I took my first college history class at Saddleback. The professor’s unique method emphasized alternative perspectives of history, and focused on the 'losers.' It forced me to think about the world in new ways I hadn’t thought about. The way we analyzed and dissected history inspired me to not only think about history in a different way – but also my career. Because of my great experience with the history department at Saddleback, I now understand how valuable history really is, and am looking forward to continuing my historical education at a university. 
The history professors at Saddleback were inspiring, and helped me hone in on a major and career more suitable to my interests. I love history, and believe in its power to be a key to the future. In the end, I think the best outcome of this was receiving a better understanding of the world and how its different societies have gotten to the point that they are at now."