Intermediate GIS (GIS 211)

Intermediate GIS MapIntermediate GIS prepares students for advanced geographic analysis.  Within the framework of class projects and lab exercises, students will integrate geographic and spatial concepts, data management and analysis, and cartographic design using a leading software package (ArcGIS).  Students will develop a deeper understanding of GIS concepts and theory, and greater proficiency in software applications.

Laboratory exercises will allow students of various disciplines to explore the use of GIS in their fields.  This course is also applicable to those already in the GIS field seeking additional skills. 

Note: GIS 211 is cross listed as GEOG 211.  Credit is given in either area, but not both.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Create a GIS database, perform complex spatial analysis, and present their findings using standard cartographic formats.
    Assessment: 75% of students who compete the course will be able to apply advanded GIS tools to analyze spatial phenomena and create standard cartographic displays.
  2. Create new geographical data.
    Assessment: 75% of students who complete the course will be able to create new geographical data and import it into GIS.
  3. Understand basic statistical spatial pattern analysis.
    Assessment: 75% of students who complete the course will be able to identify, apply, and interpret the correct spatial statistics for pattern analysis.