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English Composition Instructor
Division of Liberal Arts
Saddleback College

Since joining the English Department at Saddleback, I have taught all levels of composition, several literature courses, and creative writing, including serving as faculty adviser to Saddleback’s literary magazine, Wall. I have also had the privilege to take students to England through the Saddleback College Study Abroad to Oxford program. My background in writing begins with my education: I earned a BA in English with a writing emphasis from the University of San Diego, and both an MA in English literature and an MFA in creative writing from Chapman University. 

Word of the Year: "defenestration" --It's really an ethical alternative to prison.

Rule of the Year: The Oxford Comma (because someone has to care)

Book of the Year: The Things They Carried 

In my free time, I enjoy the usual--reading, writing, playing softball, spending time with family and friends, and traveling to countries where I am forced to use my limited knowledge of Spanish, French, and German.