College Mental Health Program Student Access Guide

What is College Mental Health Services?

The College Mental Health Services helps students meet the personal challenges associated with their academic and life goals. Sometimes problems arise that interfere with students’ abilities to do well in college, to continue in classes, and to be emotionally healthy. Personal therapy is provided by advanced graduate school interns under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologists in the Student Health Center.  These services are available to all currently registered and enrolled students. Our services offers short term therapy for individuals, couples and families, as well crisis intervention therapy and psychological testing. The College Mental Health Services welcomes students of all cultural and ethnic groups, ages, lifestyles, and diverse value systems. All services are completely confidential.

When to Immediately Call Police

  • You or another person is in immediate danger
  • You believe that a student is about to harm her/himself
  • A student is out of control and is disrupting the classroom.

Call 949-582-4606 to schedule an appointment.