College Mental Health Programs for Students

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The College Mental Health Program offers the following programs throughout the academic school year:

Mental Health Awareness

The Mental Health Awareness program offers educational information, personal assessments and referral resources to students. The primary areas of focus are depression, anxiety, stress and personal coping. Tables are set up in common outdoor areas where students and faculty may talk to counselors, read informative brochures, take personal inventories, and receive both on and off campus referrals for counseling and related services.

"Getting Help" Classroom Presentations

A narrated power point program is available for all faculty, staff and administrators to access from their specific classrooms or department offices. The focus of the "Getting Help" program is to assist students in recognizing important signs of emotional distress in themselves and in their peers. Specific mental health information is provided, as well as referrals for both on campus and off campus counseling. Upon request, counselors from the College Mental Health Program can be scheduled to visit classrooms for follow-up questions and answers, and for additional presentations on student mental health and suicide prevention.

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know"

The Student Health Center provides a two-hour presentation on college binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. The goal of this program is to help students recognize the dangers of binge drinking and the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning. In addition, important practical information is provided on how to help a friend who may be intoxicated.

Counseling & Special Programs Workshops

Several workshops throughout the school year are offered. Some of the many topics include "How to Choose a Major," "How to Apply to the UC and/or CSU," and "How to Write a Personal Statement." Visit the Counseling and Special Programs office (SSC 167) for dates and times of up-coming workshops.