Mental Health Services - An Employee Guide to Assisting Students

Providing Physical & Mental Wellness for Our Students


The goal of the Mental Health Program is to help students meet the personal challenges associated with their academic and life goals. As staff or faculty, when you recognize problems that arise and interfere with students’ abilities to do well in college, to continue in classes, and to be emotionally healthy, we are here to help your students. The college mental health program provides free and confidential therapy by licensed clinical psychologists, registered nurses, medical physicians, doctorate level interns, and professional counselors from the Student Health Center and Counseling Services. Outreach to classes are also available to inform your students of the services available to them by calling 949-582-4606 and scheduling an appointment for outreach.

Call Police immediately ifYou or another person is in immediate danger,
you believe 
a person is about to harm her/himself or a person is out of control and erratic.
 Campus Police 949-582-4444 (x4444 from Campus Extensions) or 911.

WHAT TO DORefer the student to one of the resources above or identified on the Hotlines and Links Pages for assistanceWHAT TO DO

  • If the student is destructive, aggressive, erratic or a danger to him/herself, you , or others call
    Campus Police immediately at 4444.
  • During Student Health Center hours you can call or walk the student over if he/she is in crisis, distressed or in need of immediate attention. DO NOT LEAVE THE STUDENT ALONE!
  • The Student Health Center Physicians, Nurses and Therapists will assess the student
    to get him/her to the help he/she needs.
  • Call The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) (949) 582-HELP(4357)
  • If the student is not in immediate need you may encourage them to call
    the Student Health Center to make an appointment with one of our therapists.
  • Training for staff identifying, approaching, and referring students in psychological distress is available at
    -Help a Stressed Student.

24/7 HELP Hot Lines & Links:




  • Trust your instincts.
  • Be familiar with the student code of conduct. (See Student Handbook or Saddleback College Catalog)
  • Do not hesitate to call Campus Police at 949.582.4444
  • If you think a student might be suicidal, DO NOT LEAVE THE STUDENT ALONE! You may be the critical link in assisting the student. Know that whatever the situation is, campus resources are available.
  • Listen to what the student is saying.
  • Assess the situation for unusual emotions, behavior, and thoughts.
  • Refer the student to one of the resources above or identified on the Hotlines and Links Pages for assistance.

Currently enrolled Students who have paid their health fee may call or come into 
The Student Health Center during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM - M-Th and F 8AM to 3 PM 
(Closed holidays & weekends) to make an appointment.
Urgent and emergent cases will be seen without an appointment.


Please let the Student Health Center know if you are in crisis
or in need of immediate medical or mental health help.

Saddleback College
Student Health Center
Student Services Center
SSC #177 (outside facing BGS)
Campus phone dial X 4606
Saddleback College
Campus Police
Lot 1- Village between 1&2
Campus Police
Campus phone dial X 4444
Anytime, after hours and during campus closures.
Emergencies Dial 911 Resource Line Dial 211