Suicide and Crisis

Providing Physical & Mental Wellness for Our Students


The Student Health Center offers free crisis intervention to Saddleback College students. A student who is in distress or crisis may come to the Student Health Center at anytime (SHC-SSC 177) or call (949-582-4606) during SHC hours, to receive immediate help. Please let the Student Health Center know if you are in need of immediate help.  If you don't have access to the Student Health Center or the SHC is closed see links below for access and resources to 24/7 hotlines and help.

Call Police immediately if…You or another person is in immediate danger,
you believe a person is about to harm her/himself or a person is out of control and erratic.
Campus Police 949-582-4444 (x4444 from Campus Extensions) or 911.

Consider the following 10 factors:
The more "yes" answers the higher an individual is at risk for suicide.

1. Does the person have a plan?
2. Does the person have a means to carry out the plan?
3. Has the person made any previous attempt at suicide?
4. Is there a family history of suicide?
5. Is the person making final arrangements, such as giving belongings away?
6. Is the person depressed?
7. Is there a problem with substance abuse?
8. Has there recently been a death in the family?
9. Are there domestic problems?
10. Is the person without family, friends, support or resources?

24/7 Help

Make the Call

Suicide and Crisis Resources:

Suicide Prevention Crisis Line 877-727-4747 1-877-727-4747
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


1877-727-8255  24 Hour Crisis Line


24 Hour Crisis Line

hotline 714.894.4242


9a.m. - 9 p.m.PST 7 days a week

New Hope 1-714-639-4673
NAMI 1-714-991-6412



As many as one in five students suffer from a mental disorder that may threaten their well-being or academic performance. Help a Stressed Student is a link that can help students identify if they or another student is at risk or in need of mental health help. We are here to Help. 

Currently enrolled Students who have paid their health fee may call or come into 
The Student Health Center during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM - M-Th and F 8AM to 3 PM 
(Closed holidays & weekends) to make an appointment.
Urgent and emergent cases will be seen without an appointment.

Please let the Student Health Center know if you are in crisis
or in need of immediate medical or mental health help.

Saddleback College

Student Health Center

Student Services Center
SSC #177 (outside facing BGS)
Campus phone dial X4606

Saddleback College

Campus Police

Lot 1- Village between 1&2
Campus Police
Campus phone dial X4444

Anytime, after hours and during campus closures.

Dial 911
Resource Line
Dial 211