Student Information

Students who participate in service learning feel a sense of community, feel empowered that they can help alleviate social problems in our society, and enhance their critical thinking skills. Participating in community service has become increasingly important for college admissions and has even become a requirement for some bachelor's programs.

Service Learning Requirements:

  • Service Learning is a mandatory requirement in this course.
  • Each student must complete between 12-15 hours of community service.
  • Each student must complete their hours at an instructor approved site/agency.
  • A “Release of Liability” form must be completed by the student.
  • A “Service Learning Agreement” form must be completed by the student.
  • A “Service Learning Plan” form must be completed by the student.
  • Each student must meet with his or her site supervisor prior to beginning their hours and have the supervisor sign the “Service Learning Plan” form.
  • A “Service Learning Time Sheet” must be turned in AND accompanied by a letter on the organization’s letterhead stating the total number of hours completed. The letter must be signed by the site supervisor. The timesheet and letter must be turned in with the assigned Service Learning paper.
  • Students must complete the assigned writing assignment based on the Service Learning experience.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Becoming a good citizen
  • Preparing for the future
  • Participating in an Integrated Experience


Departments that Implement Service Learning: Sociology, Psychology, Marine Science Technology, and Aquarium and Aquaculture Science.

Classes: Introduction to Sociology (Soc. 1), Social Problems (Soc. 2), Ethnic Cultures in the United States (Soc. 20/His. 20); please check with individual classes for more service learning opportunities.