Student Reflections

“I believe that I have found how I am going to give back to my community” - Sun City Concern, Inc.

“…this was a great experience…I plan on revisiting this retirement home and possibly doing other volunteer work in the future” - San Clemente Villas by the Sea retirement home

“…an amazing experience” – YMCA

“I enjoyed being there so much, that I am continuing my community service with them” – YMCA Mentoring Division

“Working at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen has really given me a different perspective on my life and the lives of those who are less fortunate” – Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

“I think the one aspect I have taken away from this assignment is that we all can make a difference” – South County Outreach

“a very heart-warming experience” – Boys and Girls Club

“an extremely humbling experience” – Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

“My experience at the Nutrition Impact on Kids Project opened up my eyes to the obesity epidemic being the result of social inequality” – Nutrition Impact on Kids Project

“I felt this project helped me appreciate how much I have and was my way of giving back as someone who is fortunate enough to live in a country that is blessed with so much” - Habitat for Humanity