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Dean of Health Sciences and Human Services
Health Sciences & Human Services Dean
Health Sciences & Human Services
Saddleback College

With a Ph.D. from the University of Utah, a Juris Doctorate, and a master’s degree from Northern Arizona University, Dr. Sherrie Loewen has over ten years of post-secondary faculty experience in the humanities, health, and social sciences. In addition, she has an additional ten years in academic leadership, management, and administrative experience across disciplines and departments and educational systems. Dr. Loewen has a comprehensive knowledge of accreditation, curriculum, and assessment, including serving as a site visitor for healthcare programs. She has a history of embracing innovation and facilitates processes with internal and external stakeholders to identify regional goals and outcomes.

In 2014, Dr. Loewen partnered with national health leaders on an innovative educational initiative responding to the new healthcare market arising from changing federal regulations. She managed stakeholders during the launch of a fully online program, which included integrating a novel learning management platform developed in HTML5. In a two-year college wide endeavor, she managed a division in the implementation of a new selective admission’s process for health programs, the launch of a new testing center, and the development of two new allied health programs. As a chair of a regional consortium in Utah, she collaborated with industry stakeholders and educational leaders in assessing workforce needs and promoting programs for the region. She managed multimillion-dollar budgets, building renovation projects, and programs across several instructional sites and regions.

Dr. Loewen has shepherded many grant funded projects across several programs that directly benefitted students who experienced financial and technological challenges in this disruptive time. In 2020 for 13 regional community colleges, Dr. Loewen initiated grant funding and led the implementation of clinical software that incorporates data collection for program improvements and efficiencies. She partnered with local school districts and four-year institutions to create educational pathways into the health science careers, including creating innovative partnerships with local high schools. She collaborated on an ADN-to-BSN concurrent enrollment pathway with four-year institutions to decrease time and units for nursing students.

Dr. Loewen serves on several regional committees to advance important initiations, such as building academic leaders, advancing equity, and promoting student advocacy in healthcare. She has participated in state initiatives to change existing policies and procedures and served on multiple boards and councils evaluating health professional licensure and educational standards. She, as a quantitative scholar, advances methods and practices that lead to program success and excellence and has led several programs to full accreditation after facing challenges. Dr. Loewen is dedicated to supporting and maintaining high employee and student morale and passion for education through visionary leadership that is grounded in the ethical and moral mandates for the community and nation.