Refund Policy

* There are no refunds for classes added or dropped after the refund deadline date of that class.

* Students must officially drop classes through MySite within the established refund deadline dates in order to be eligible for a refund of fees paid.

* After the refund deadline date, a student who drops a class, or students dropped from a class by the instructor, or student dropped from a class due to nonpayment, are NOT entitled to a refund of class fees.

* Students are eligible for a material/lab fee credit if the class is dropped prior to the published refund deadline date for that class or if the class is canceled by the college. 

* Refund deadline dates are different for different classes. The refund deadline date for each class can be found in the details section of each class within the online class schedule on the college website.

* The only exception to this policy is when the college cancels the class.  In this instance, the fees charged for the canceled class will be refunded.