Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the refund deadline?

Log in to your MySite account; Click on My Classes; Click Current Classes; Place your cursor over this image; You will see your class details. Look under important dates to find the refund deadline.

Is my refund automatic?

No, because we do not keep any credit/debit card information on file.  You must request a refund. For more information read Refund Information.

Is my refund automatically put back on my credit card?

No. Credits (money owed back to the student) are placed on the student's account. This credit will remain on the account until the student requests to have it refunded back to their credit card (if paid by credit card). The student can also request to have a check mailed.

Can I use my refund to purchase books and/or a parking permit?

No. Credit that is on a student's account can only be used for tuition, lab fees, duplicate I.D. cards, health fees, and ASB stamps.

Can I get my refund in cash?

No. When you fill out the refund request form, you must choose either to get the refund by check or have it put on to a credit/debit card. (You can only get a credit/debit card refund if you paid by credit/debit card.)