Parking Permit Purchase

Parking permits are required at all times. Vehicles that do not properly display a parking permit will receive a parking citation.

Parking Permit Purchase Options

Online with a credit or debit card:

  • Logon to MySite.

  • Click on the “Parking” link (it is on the left side of the screen).

  • Complete the form on the screen, to include credit/debit card information.

  • Print a temporary permit. A permanent permit will be mailed. (Please note that temporary permits are only available once the semester has begun.)

In person with cash or a check: CAMPUS POLICE OFFICE ONLY

  • Students and staff who prefer to pay by cash or check must visit the Campus Police Office on the lower campus.
Daily Parking Permits:

Daily parking permits may be purchased for $5 at any kiosk on campus. Map of kiosk locations


Additional Information

Refunds for parking permits are handled by the Campus Police Office on the lower campus. Parking citations are also handled by the Campus Police Office.