Student Technical Support

WE ARE BACK! Beginning, Monday August 16th we will be on-campus to serve students in-person Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm/Fri 8am-2pm. We will still be available to serve students online Mon-Thurs 8am-8pm/Fri 8am-2pm. 

We are here to assist current Saddleback students with accessing their college-related accounts, which may include Canvas, MySite, student email, wireless on-campus access, on-campus computers and printers/copiers, and more.

Student Technical Support will be fully online. 

Contact us via our NEW email at to open a new incident ticket. 

Need additional ways to contact us:

1. Via phone at 949-582-4363

2. Via Zoom (upon request)

It is important to remember

Student ID number

Admission & Records (A&R) will assign you a student ID number within 24 hrs. of applying for admission. Contact A&R at (949) 582-4555 if you do not receive this email.

Current students, to protect your privacy, you must visit the A&R Office (SSC102) and provide photo identification to retrieve your assigned student number.

Former students can visit the A&R Office or re-apply for admission.

PIN  (4 digit number)

Your PIN is a 4 digit number you create during the application process in OpenCCC. If you have forgotten your PIN follow the instructions under How do I reset/change my PIN?


Your username is assigned to you after you apply for admission. It is a combination of your first initial and last name followed by numbers. It is the first portion of your student email address prior to the @ symbol.
Example: jsmith0

This information is used to log you into various applications, sites, databases, and services throughout Saddleback College.

Please follow these directions to locate your username:
Login to MySite using your Student ID number and PIN (4 digit number)
Click on the Profile Icon (top right corner)

Default Password

Your default password is assigned to you after you apply for admission. It is your PIN plus two zeros. Example: 5678+00 = 567800
This default password needs to be reset to a more secure letter number combination. See How do I reset/change my Password?

Student Email

A student email address is created for you when you apply for admission.
Please follow these directions to locate your student email address:
Login to MySite using your Student ID number and PIN (4 digit number)
Click on the Profile Icon (top right corner)

Printing (CASH ONLY)

Greyscale - .10 (single sided)/ .16 (double sided)
Color - .59 (single sided)/ $1.00 (double sided)

Step #1: Papercut/FindMe Printer

  • Log-in to a lab computer
    • Printing will not work from personal device
  • Pull up document
  • Print to the "FindMe-Sadd" printer

Step #2: Pay Station (second floor of the LRC)

  • Log-in on the pay station touch screen pedestal
  • Same username/password as Canvas log-in
    • No needed
  • The coin/bill pedestal will accept funds up to $20
  • No change is provided

Step #3: Release Print Job

  • Log-in on the printer touch screen
  • Click on document to release
  • Press start

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Student Email SupportStudent Wireless Support
Student Computer/Printing SupportFrequently Asked Questions


Chromebook Loaners: Current students may come to the Library during open hours and check out a Chromebook at any time. No reservation is needed, but a picture ID and their student ID number is required. If you need assistance with Chromebook software access, please call (949)582-4600. 

[NEW!] WIFI GRANTS: If you need better WiFi support in your own home, students may apply for a HEERF emergency grant to pay for WiFi through the following application: A committee reviews applications on a bi-monthly basis.  Disbursements take approximately two weeks to run through district.