Student Wireless Support

Campus wireless services have been upgraded!

Students currently enrolled at Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College may access the wireless network. If you have a wireless enabled computer or mobile device, you can access the internet from most locations on campus.

Note for students taking online classes: not all course material (videos, exams, quizzes, etc.) will work on a mobile device. 


Wi-Fi using iOS-Apple/Mac:

· Select the student wireless network

· Enter your complete student email address for the username

· Enter your password

· Click join

  • If prompted to “continue connecting” click on connect
  • If prompted by SSL certificate click on either continue, accept or trusted.


Wi-Fi using Windows/Android


· Select the student wireless network 

· Select PEAP for EAP method

· Select MSCHAPV2 for phase 2 authentication

· Select do not validate or not specified for CA certificate

· In the identity field enter your complete student email address

· Enter your password

  • If a security alert appears click on connect