Enrolling in Classes

Before the First Class Session:

As a student, you can add and drop classes until the official closing of a class (about 24 hours prior to the first class session). Even when a class appears full, it might reopen. Please stay connected to add classes until their official close time. Remember that additional classes, especially online, may be added throughout the semester.

Grace Period to Add a Class (first class session until the last add date on the Add Permit Code)

After the class has officially closed, you may still be able to add the class by attending the first class session or contacting the instructor by email. If permission is given to add the class, the faculty member will give you an Add Permit Code (APC) and a code expiration date. Use your APC codes to add the class online via MySite or in person at the Admissions and Records Office. This must be done before the code expiration date.

When you use the Add Permit Code (APC) online via MySite, payment is by credit card or debit card only.

After the expiration date of the Add Permit Code, the grace period is over, and it is simply too late to add the class.

If it is too late to add a class, please check out our later starting classes on the Online Schedule of Classes or enroll for classes the following semester.

How to Register for Classes in MySite

Important: If at any time you need to cancel the registration process, please use the Cancel Registration button. If you simply close the internet browser window without using the button; all changes will be lost, you will be locked from registration for 30 minutes, and any APC codes used will become invalid/unusable. Online registration is not supported using portable devices.

  1. Log in to MySite using your Student ID & PIN or your User ID & Password.

  2. On the menu section, select My Classes and then Register for Classes.
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  5. Choose the term that you'll be registering for by selecting the Add/Drop Classes button for that term.
    IMPORTANT: If the button is grayed out, you may need to perform another action before you're allowed to register. The Important Message above the term box will indicate what action you'll need to take before being able to register for classes.
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  6. If this is the first time you're attempting to register for classes for the selected term, you'll be asked to verify your personal and contact information. Please make any necessary changes and click on the Next button to continue.

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  9. Enter the class Ticket Number into the Ticket Number box for the class you want to enroll in. If the class has already stated or is full, you'll need to input an APC Code into the APC box.
    Important: An APC code can only be provided to you by the teacher of the class and has an expiration date for usage. Please ensure that the APC code is used before the expiration date.
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  12. Click the Add Class button to add the class. Repeat step 5 and 6 for any other classes you want to take in the specified semester.

  13. Once all classes have been added, they will be shown in the Pending Changes to your Schedule section. Click on the Next button to continue.
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  16. The Checkout: Fees page shows the breakdown of fees and charges for the selected classes. Please choose whether to purchase an ASB Stamp and then click on the Next button to continue.reg6
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  17. Select a payment method and enter payment information, accept or decline the Refund Policy, and click on the Complete Registration button to complete the enrollment process.
    IMPORTANT: Do not click the Complete Registration button more than once. Doing so may cause a credit card to be charged multiple times.
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