Recent California law (AB 705) changed the way Saddleback College provides Initial Math and English Placement. Part of this law extends to continuing and returning students who placed into remedial Math and English courses prior to Fall 2019. Past assessment processes at Saddleback College included Assessment Exams (CTEP, MDTP, Accuplacer) and evaluation of Alternative Evidence (college transcripts, etc.).

Continuing and returning students whose prior placement includes basic skills ENG and MATH courses may use this form to request a placement review. Placements that can be reviewed and updated include: ENG 390, ENG 340 and/or MATH 351, MATH 353, MATH 253. Eligible students will receive Baseline Math and English Placement at transfer level.

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By selecting "I Agree", you are requesting that the Saddleback College Matriculation Office review your current Math and English course placement (excluding ESL course placement) and if applicable, update past placement results to Baseline Math and English Placement, the default per California State Assembly Bill 705. Baseline Math and English Placement are as follows: Math 103, 14, 10, 10+210*, 8+208,124+224; English 1A or English 1A+201*.

NOTE: Placement Review Requests can take up to 5 business days to process.