The Current Assessment Process provides new students with Initial Math and English Placement, Step #2 of the Matriculation Process. Math and English Placement indicate the course levels a student is eligible to enroll in. Initial Placement can be obtained using one of the following methods.

Complete the Math and English Guided Self Placement (GSP) Surveys and receive initial Math and English Placement in 10 minutes. Clicking on the link below will direct you to MySite where you will complete two short surveys. Each survey pulls available high school transcript data to calculate placement. (This option is the fastest and does not require transcript submission.) 

NOTE: F1 International Students must see a counselor for Initial Math and English/ESL placement. Contact the International Student Program at (949) 582-4637 for an appointment.

Direct Link to Guided Self Placement
Average completion time for GSP is 5-10 minutes.

Submit an Initial Math and English Placement Request with a district-issued or school-issued copy of your high school transcript for evaluation. Your transcript must include the following: completion of Math and English courses from 9th-11th grade (3 years or more) and a non-weighted GPA of 3.0 (or higher).

Obtaining a district-issued or school-issued high school transcript

District-issued transcripts are available through Parchment in our service area, SVUSD and CapoUSD. Create a Parchment account and download a PDF of your transcript.

Go to Parchment

(You may have to request that Parchment obtains your transcript from your high school before a free PDF download is available.)

Submit Initial Math and English Placement Request

Average processing time for a high school transcript evaluation is 3-5 business days.

NOTE: Student portal, homeschool, and international high school transcripts cannot be used for the initial placement request. Instead use Guided Self Placement to complete Step #2 (Option 1 above).

District-issued transcripts look similar to the image below. Course placement requires a Non-Weighted GPA similar to the box below, located on the bottom of the high school transcript.

District Hight School Transcript
High School Transcript Non-Weighted GPA

Document Requirements and Submission Guidelines

  • C- grades and lower are NOT considered passing at Saddleback College.
  • High school transcripts must have completed coursework through 11th grade (grades 9th-11th).
  • All unofficial transcripts MUST include the student's name and the institution's name or logo.
  • All courses must be completed and passed with a grade of C or higher or CR credit notation.
  • Photos of documents taken with a phone or a camera will NOT be accepted.
  • International/foreign and homeschool transcripts are NOT accepted.
  • Cutting and pasting your transcript data into any document or email will NOT be accepted.