The Leadership Lab

Welcome to The Leadership Lab!

As a part of a concentrated effort to build a coherent and robust student development program at Saddleback College -- inclusive of leadership, personal, and professional development – the Student Development Office is offering The Leadership Lab, a casual, drop-in, self-study, co-curricular leadership seminar. The Leadership Lab is constructed to enhance students' understanding and awareness of the following core competencies:  

  • Self-Awareness, Personal Development, and Life Skills
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Citizenship, Social Justice and Responsibility

Students will have the opportunity to reflect upon these three clusters of core competencies via speakers, service opportunities, and TED Talks, all organized to around fascinating subjects from gardening to vulnerability, what we describe as creative correlations.Students will also have access to related literature, blog posts, and a discussion board via The Leadership Lab in the Student Leadership Portal.

Student Leader Certification

The Leadership Lab also offers a student leadership certification program. We utilize modules developed by the National Center for Student Leadership. The certification process requires completion of four components. These components will be offered on Fridays in The Leadership Lab. Students must be members of the CSL group and RSVP for and successfully participate in each event to become certified.

Part 1:
* Becoming a Leader of Character
* Interpersonal Skills for a Cohesive Student Organization

Part 2: 
* Intentional and Inclusive Community Building 
* Prepare for Success: Strategic Planning

Part 3:
* Effective Organizational Meetings
* Event success: Planning and Publicity

Part 4: 
* Transforming and Resolving Conflict
* Playing the Part: Roles and Transitions

Sign up by logging into the Student Leadership Portal


General Participation Requirements

  1. Sign up for The Leadership Lab and/or the Certified Student Leader Training in the Student Leadership  Portal.

  2. Sign up for specific training events held on Leadership Lab Fridays.

  3. Upon successful substantiated completion of the Student Leader Certification modules you will be awarded a co-curricular certificate. 

  4. When you are ready to print off your Co-Curricular leadership Transcript, the Student Development Staff will assist you!

Valuable Links

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Bring your lunch and get inspired with TED Talks in SSC 212 at Saddleback College.

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