Event Planning for Students


How do I reserve SSC 212 or any other campus space for my Club, or ASG event?

To request any room on campus you must submit an Event Planning Form from through the Student Life Portal. We check the availability of the room requested. If the room is available, we will reserve the room for you, and confirm the requested reservation with you, and your club advisor.  If the room is not available, we will email you.  Please have a few suggested alternative dates and times ready, in case your first choice is not an available option.  

When should I reserve a room for my club's event?
As early as possible!  Event requests are processed on a first submitted, first on the processing list basis.  Event Planning Forms must be turned in at least 2 weeks before an event, but earlier is better, as our office works on a large number of student-run events each semester.  Turning in forms early gives Student Development enough time to process all event requests. Most importantly, it also gives your group ample time to publicize and plan your event.  Please note: your Advisor must approve of your requested event before our office will proceed with pursuing room reservations, or event set up requests with the campus Facilities Office. 

When I reserve SSC 212 can I use the Cafeteria?
SSC 212 and the Cafeteria are two completely separate entities. Reserving SSC 212 DOES NOT grant you usage of the Cafeteria. To use the cafeteria needs special arrangements.  Please indicate on the Event Planning Form that you would like to use the Cafeteria, and we will assist you.

How do you know how many tables/chairs, and other items we will need?
The Event Planning Form is designed to tell us everything we will need to know about your event. The Event Information section is where you will let us know about the expected number of event attendees, the number of tables, chairs, canopies, and other items needed (electrical, audio visual equipment, extension cords, etc.).  Please be specific, and write a brief description of how you will need tables and chairs setup, and if, and where you will need electricity. If the setup is intricate, or you have a certain vision for how the area  should look, you must include a diagram for us to send to the Facilities/Maintenance Office.  Click here, for a copy of the SSC Quad map.

Above All, Ask for Help!  We want your event to be a success.