Leadership Lab Fridays

The Leadership Lab: Become a Certified Student Leader and Campus Life Ambassador

  • Learn valuable workplace skills
  • Gain essential training to be eligible for campus employment opportunities
  • Learn how to maximize your strengths
  • Learn how to maximize your time
  • Gain valuable communication skills

What is The Leadership Lab?

As a part of a concentrated effort to build a coherent and robust student development program at Saddleback College -- inclusive of leadership, personal, and professional development – the Student Development Office is offering The Leadership Lab, a casual, drop-in, self-study, co-curricular leadership seminar. The Leadership Lab is constucted to enhance students' understanding and awareness of the following core competencies:  

  • Self-Awareness, Personal Development, and Life Skills
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Citizenship, Social Justice and Responsibility

The Leadership Lab will center around opportunities offered through TED Tuesdays and Leadership Lab Fridays. 

Criteria for Student Leader and Campus Life Ambassador Certification

  • Complete the Leadership Lab Core
  • Complete three Leadership Lab elective workshops

Workshop List


  • Introduction to Saddleback College
  • Workplace Norms and Essential Expectations
  • You Are Your Strengths
  • Leading with Resilience
  • Maximize Your Time     


  • The Neuropsychology of Leadership
  • Full-Filled Leadership: Living and Leading Full-Filled
  • Better Meetings with Parliamentary Procedure
  • Building a Better Team through Constructive Feedback
  • Energize Your Membership: Creating Active Members
  • Help Me Help You: Utilizing Your Advisor
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Keeping Stress Under Control
  • Walking the Walk: Leadership with Integrity
  • Avoid “Fall”ing Back: Transitioning Your Team
  • Brainstorming as “Un-Usual
  • Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor
  • Risk Management 101
  • Aggression Identification and Management
  • Campus Conflict: Proactive Strategies for Conflict Transformation
  • Failure: Why Failure is Success
  • Flex Your Creative Muscle: Use It or Lose It!
  • You Want What By When? Best Practice Project Management
  • Success Planning: Ideas, Vision, Goals and Action
  • Social Justice on Campus: 5 Key Concepts
  • Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus

How to Certify

  1. Sign up vis the ASG/Clubs Portal
  2. RSVP for the Leadership Lab Friday sessions that work for you
  3. Fulfill the criteria
  4. Submit your Leadership Co-Curricular Transcript to receive a certification certificate