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Study abroad provides students with a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons, enrich their academic experience, and develop valuable intercultural and/or language skills.  Saddleback College offers a variety of study abroad programs that integrate classroom learning with exposure to different cultures and environments, as students explore the natural beauty and ecology of a foreign country; savor its foods; live among its people; visit its galleries, theaters, museums, and night clubs; and take excursions to unique heritage sites and biological reserves, all while earning transferable college credits and developing new perspectives on academic subjects and real-world issues.

Recently run and upcoming study abroad programs at Saddleback include programs in various disciplines/divisions and in various locations: Brazil, Cuba, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, and Spain.  For listings and information on current and upcoming programs, click here.



Why Study Abroad

Here are five reasons why every student should study abroad:
1. You may never have another chance in your life to visit a foreign country. For many students, life after college means the start of a career and family. These will limit your ability to pursue your interests, particularly if you want to travel. In addition, for some countries, it can be difficult and expensive to arrange a trip on your own. Study abroad programs at Saddleback make the study abroad process as smooth and as affordable as possible.
2. Studying abroad will help you achieve your professional and financial goals. In a global world, having first-hand experience with another culture matters because companies in almost every industry have foreign partners or are themselves based in another country. Study abroad programs show that you are independent, flexible, adaptable, and can work with different types of people—all skills that are in demand in the current job market.
3. Studying abroad will help you gain new skills. Learning a language in a classroom simply cannot reproduce the natural, effective, and immersive environment of a study abroad program, particularly for students who have struggled with learning a language in the past.  You will also become more independent, resourceful, self-confident and open-minded as you navigate your new environment.
4. Studying abroad is a chance to build life-long friendships that span the globe. Studying abroad is the best way to meet new people because your study abroad program will offer numerous opportunities for you to interact with people in your host country. With plenty of ways to network with students, teachers, host families, and other travellers, you will be able to find things in common with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Meeting new people and building friendships is thus an integral and exciting part of the study abroad experience.
5. Explore your heritage or embrace a completely different culture. Whether you want to learn more about your family’s origins or challenge yourself to understand a culture that is completely foreign to you, you will be able to choose the study abroad program that fits your goals.  For students who are interested in exploring their own identity, travelling to the country that their family came from allows students to gain deeper insight into their family’s background. 

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