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Faculty Intersession - Classroom
Computer Information Management
Business and General Studies
Saddleback College


Steven W. Tuttle here; software engineer by trade but i have been engaged as a part-time technical educator for over twenty years.   Here at Saddleback I am privileged to teach interested students about web development using both Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress.  Many years ago (circa 1996), I designed the curriculum and taught the very first web classes at both IVC and Saddleback. Over the years, I have taught a range of computer-technology related subjects: from pure programming, to theory, to web development and graphic design. I have taught at many educational levels: primary, secondary, tertiary, and vocational.  My favorite is vocational education.  It is a joy to assist others in their acquisition of tangible and useful skills.


Senior DevOps Engineer/Manager with twenty-five years industry experience. Technical educator with twenty years classroom experience. AWS certified. Full-stack engagement. Complete lifecycle involvement: e.g. systems analysis; requirements engineering; system architecture; software design/programming; database design/programming; implementation; testing; deployment; operations; maintenance; and evolution. Best practice software engineering. BDD/TDD. Build automation. Containers. Deployment pipelines. CI/CD. IAC. Quality assurance. Process improvement. Extensive grounding in constellation of skills utilized in development, testing, deployment, and operation of complex information systems including: information architecture; business process modeling; object modeling; database administration; systems administration; server scripting; RESTful APIs; application programming; interface and interaction design; usability evaluation; accessibility compliance; bespoke, open source, and COTS customizations; integration of heterogeneous and/or legacy systems; technical project management; alignment of technical systems with business systems; e-business, e- commerce, and e-learning. Desktop. Web. Mobile. Cloud. Mad skills. Fun at parties. Problem solver. Consistent delivery of value.


  • Ph.D. Computer Systems & Software Engineering, 2020. University of Technology, Sydney, AU.

  • M.S. Information & Computer Science, 2004. University of California, Irvine, USA.

  • Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Certification, 2001. University Extension, University of California, Irvine, USA.

  • M.S.E. Civil/Environmental Engineering, 1994. Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA.

  • B.A. Political Science & Philosophy, 1987. California State University, Fullerton, USA.


  • Reading
  • Juggling
  • Dance
  • Math
  • Piano
  • Kiteboarding
  • Paddleboarding
  • more ....


  • AusWeb 2006, Paper Reviewer

  • 5th Intl Conference on Web Engineering, ICWE 2005, Sydney, AU, Conference Support

  • California Business Education Association, CBEA, 1999 Workshop Presenter

  • Glebe Society & Glebe Youth Service

  • Saddleback College, Business Science Technical Advisory Council

  • UC Irvine Extension, Career Night Speaker

  • UC Irvine Extension, Advanced Software Technologies Advisory Committee

  • UC Irvine Extension, Web and Internet Advisory Committee


  • Research Scholarship: Australian Government / Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations / Education Investment Fund / Diversity and Structural Adjustment Fund.

  • Upside 100 + 200 awards as webmaster of

  • Received outstanding web application award for development of first online registration system for colleges in California.


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  • Tuttle, S., Lowe, D.B., Murray, S.J., De La Villefromoy, M.J. 2010, 'Towards a Framework for Supporting Remote Laboratory Adoption Decisions by Teacher-Academics', Stockholm, Sweden, June 2010 in REV 2010: 7th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation, ed Auer, Michael; Karlsson, Goran, Kassel University Press, Stockholm, Sweden, pp. 218-224.

  • Tuttle, S., Lowe, D.B., Moulton, B. 2011, ‘A Survey of Issues and Approaches to Remote Laboratory Adoption by Teacher- Academics', 1st GOLC Workshop; Frontiers In Education 2011.

  • Tuttle, S., Moulton, B., Lowe, D.B.. 2015, ‘An Information Taxonomy for Remotely-Accessible Engineering Instructional Laboratories’, Proceedings of the 122nd ASEE Annual Conference.

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