Support Classes

Take College Level Math & English Now with a Support Class

Starting Fall 2019, select English 1A and Math courses will be linked to a specific support class. The support class is taught by the same instructor and offers additional time to work on elements being taught in the class. 

Transfer-level English with Support

ENG 1A and ENG 201 are a part of the transfer-level with support course sequence. You must enroll in both an ENG 1A and its specific ENG 201 support course. Both courses are taught by the same instructor and will provide students with extra time to develop their writing skills, including grammar instruction, editing, and revising. 
*Not all English 1A classes require a support class. 

Transfer-level Math with Support

Starting Fall 2019, anyone can take transfer level math! If you placed below transfer level, you can sign up for a math course linked to a specific support class. Support class offers additional time on the concepts, just-in-time remediation, and time for group work and exploratory exercises. 
*Not all Math classes require a support class.